West Milton, Pennsylvania. July 12 2012.

On July 12, I got in the car with Frank Armstrong and we headed west. The destination - Austin, Texas.
The goal - stay off the highways, find photographs, avoid heatstroke. We spent something like 20
days on the road. Frank had his new Pentax in tow and very enthusiastically put it through its
paces; I borrowed a sweet Mamiya 7 and shot a bunch of film. We hit I-84 west, blew through
Massachusetts, Connecticut, and a bit of New York, and then got off the interstate and started
wandering the back roads. Above is the first image I shot. After a month of unbearable heat,
hit-or-miss dining, and tequila in paper cups, we returned to Massachusetts, tired and dirty but
very satisfied. Frank already has the itch to get back on the road, and to be honest, so do I.

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