By the fall of 2011 I had been living in Texas for a little over a year. Things weren't really going that well. I took three weeks off from my job and from some other shit and went home to the coast of Maine. On my way through Massachusetts I borrowed a leaky Mamiya 7 from my friend/former college professor/former landlord and bought a shitload of Kodak Portra and my scumbag friend Dan picked me up in his mom's minivan and we drove to Maine. I'm not making this up. I missed Maine so badly. I took all of these photos in Acadia National Park in October while extremely high on marijuana. I had never used a rangefinder before, which is to say I figured it out in two seconds and then promptly forgot it was any different from any other manual focus film camera, but go ahead and use that hashtag. I went back to Texas, lost track of all kinds of things including my self, and eventually got the film developed a year later when I gave up and moved back to New England. I remember cutting the film, putting it into plastic sleeves, noticing that it had come back very dirty, and putting it in a box. Guess what, eight years later we've got ourselves a pandemic and I don't have to go to work in the morning, I scanned the fucking film. LOTS of dust and garbage on the negatives, just real bad, but here are some pictures I took while I was high and feeling free.
Dog bless.