one day I'll leave you, a phantom

Sedgwick, Maine, the last time I slept in the house I grew up in, Fall 2019. Arista ULTRA / Nikkormat.


from the humble ramparts

striding cracking across the white cellophane
ice atop the mud, dead leaves dusted, late snow
just trees, jumbled and mismatched
mossy stumps to mark the tall ghosts
the gloom, the morning, the afterward darkness of
the rain
among vague constellations of stone, cairns
to hold the corners, inscrutable
one thousand sagas sung at sunrise, junco
songs and pileated hyena hymns in the cold
lacing the understory, the stone walls
time-tossed and doomed to be forgotten
I walked through my own plume of white breath
weaving into this invertebrate
forest, to haunt it
for a few moments of my own.

Bristol, New Hampshire, March 2020.



Carr Mountain, Ellsworth, New Hampshire 2019. 

Red Hill, Moultonborough, New Hampshire 2019.
Arista ULTRA / Nikkormat


the pyramids

East Osceola from Osceola

Chocorua from Middle Sister

Flume from Liberty

Arista ULTRA / Nikkormat, June 2019.