the long road ahead

 Savannah, Georgia. August 2010.

In August of 2010 I left New England and moved to Austin, Texas. As soon as I arrived I started traveling for work almost constantly.
This would last nearly two years before I got laid off. I went through three cameras (a perfect Rolleiflex, now broken,
 a Mamiya that became too awkward and heavy to reasonably carry on,
and finally a solid and lovely Pentax K-1000) and filled a shoebox with exposed film,
almost all of it shot while on the road.

New Orleans, Louisiana. August 2010.

The development process is well underway. Today I began the daunting and tedious task of scanning the negatives. 
It will be slow and sporadic, at least until I finish developing the film, but here are a couple of frames from the first 
few rolls of film I shot en route from Chapel Hill to Austin. This is where I'll be posting the images as I scan them.

Click images for full-size viewing.