Nashville, Tennessee. February 2012.

Cedars of Lebanon State Forest, Lebanon, Tennessee. February 2012.

Are you running, Mr. Overton? Are you trying to hide?
Do you think the forest will give you peace?
You're a child here; your lack of self-worth is an insult to these trees
this place is so much more than you will ever be.

"And in saying you loved me
made things harder at best
and these words changing nothing
as your body remains
and there's no room in this hell
there's no room in the next"

-My Chemical Romance "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville"

"A seam across the sky
as if it was torn
the sky is filling
with flocks and swarms
they burst through the branches
they tumble and fall
little gods surveying their worlds
examining it all

My wings are dusted
with frost and cold
for a little thing like you
I'm too heavy a load
you'll struggle and falter
amble around
just follow some other storm
'cause I'll only weigh you down"

-Murder By Death "Good Morning Magpie"

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