Montgomery, Alabama. June 2011.

In Montgomery you stay in a La Quinta by the highway
and venture downtown when you have the time.
It is 100 degrees outside.
Physically, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to the city
but they do have some great monuments
the type your Northern upbringing did not prepare you for.
Thus, you are sweating constantly but fascinated consistently.
In a patch of shade by the capital you lie down with your camera next to your head
close your eyes
you're a long way from anything and you're in Alabama for a good while
Birmingham held confusion, heat, elevators, and a desperate escape to a nearby forest
a forest where you were taunted by hearts knifed into tree trunks
where the cicadas or whatever drowned out your thoughts
it was beautiful regardless.
Here it's all highways and plazas and emptiness
some dead leaves at the feet of a statue. Sweat.
You've just turned 25 and the best part of the week
was watching the raindrops run up the windshield as you flew down the highway.
You're headed to Mobile in a few days, Mobile's on the coast.
That can't be a bad thing, no way.

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